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Valve fixed one of my big issues with Steam Machines... kinda. Games with their own launchers (e.g. Trine 3, Starbound, and Evoland) won’t, well, launch. Valve has removed the SteamOS-compatible tag from around 35 games. Some devs are working on new launchers. Fingers crossed that everything’s resolved by release day.

Update: It’s not just games with launcher issues. It’s compatibility in general. Valve employee Pierre-Loup Griffais explained in a post on Reddit:

“We’ve been removing the store bit from games that cannot run against just the Steam Runtime, without additional dependencies on the host system. Games that fail this are impossible to support reliably across multiple distributions, and will not be publicly advertised on the Store as supporting Linux going forward.”

“All concerned games are still purchasable, installable and playable on Linux.”

Even better news, as far as I’m concerned.

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35 games seems like a small number, if this issue appears on any game with a launcher.