Valve Finally Cracks Down On One Of The Biggest Team Fortress 2 Cheats

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LMAOBOX is the most prolific Team Fortress 2 cheat program. Or at least, it was.

The cheat program touted “Customizable Aimbot features, including Invisible Aimbot and Projectile prediction for Bow, Rocket Launcher and others, specific Sniper options for instant headshots or legit gameplay, Auto-Airblast feature for Pyro with ping compensation and more.” For more than five years, it went undetected by Valve’s anti-cheat software, infuriating players who just wanted to duke it out on a level playing field. For now, it’s over. LMAOBOX was recently added to the VAC (Valve anti-cheat) detection list, resulting in over 3,000 bans, one of the single largest ban waves in VAC history.


This included more than 160 players in the UGC, a Valve-promoted league in TF2's still-unofficial competitive scene. UGC is far from the most prominent among TF2's many player-run leagues, but this is still one hell of an eye-opener, not to mention devastating to the league itself.

One UGC player, Vlad, publicly discussed his ban. “So, back in [season 17], flare showed me lmaobox on his private server, and, this kind of piqued my interest,” he said (via PCGamesN). “Something to make you good really quick? Sounds good. Now, I bought lmaobox premium after having looked around a bit, and I messed around with it. I got more and more cocky in using in on a non alt, and then started messing around in pubs for a bit. I used it in s17, because I was really not as good at that point. I wanted to be good, and that was the best way to do it. Now, I know there is no reason for any of you to believe me, but it doesn’t really matter honestly. I haven’t used it since S17, so I’m impressed they backlogged it that long. Well, I deserve the VAC and I deserve the league ban I’m going to get for it, but I will say that I did not cheat in any way during season 18.”

It’s gonna be a tough pill to swallow for some players, but for the grand majority this is excellent news. Valve is in the process of rolling out an official TF2 competitive mode, and programs like LMAOBOX stand to stall it at the starting line. It’s a shame it took them this long to crack down, but better late than never, I suppose.

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TF2 was my go to game for years, sadly with Overwatch right around the corner it wont matter anymore. Step it up and make TF3 valve!