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Valve Fans Rampage After Game Fails To Hold...A Halloween Event

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Valve normally runs cute little Halloween events for some of its games. Team Fortress 2 gets Scream Fortress, for example, while DOTA 2 had Diretide. Oh, except for this year. And boy are people upset.


Once Halloween came and went with no announcement of a Diretide for 2013, fans of the game went nuts. The game's forums were hammered by requests and concerns over the absence, to the point where any and all threads even mentioning the word "Diretide" are being removed by mods.

And that's just for starters. The mob, outraged, then turned their attentions to other matters. One dumb sentence brought up repeatedly was "daed gaem, Volvo pls fix!", leading people to start posting on Volvo's - yes, the car company - Twitter, Facebook and even Reddit communities asking/complaining about the lack of Diretide, a move helped along with a Tweet by DOTA 2 commentator Toby Dawson:


Fans also went a little more direct with their appeals to Volvo.

To their credit, the car company has taken it all in their stride, even posting their "support" for DOTA 2 "fans" on their Facebook page.

Moving on from a Swedish car manufacturer, the mob has also gone and bombed DOTA 2's Metacritic page, bringing its user score down to 4.2 (it used to be 8+, but I know, user score, whatever). Users have also gone after the Facebook page of President Obama.


Many involved claim that their actions are justified not because Valve has failed to run the event, but because of the company's supposed lack of communication surrounding its absence. Others claim that this is simply a tipping point, the culmination of player frustration following months of perceived neglect of the game's community by Valve.


UPDATE - On a far less jovial front, it seems people have also gotten hold of the personal phone number of DOTA 2 community star and "Master Patch Eviscerator" Matthew "Cyborgmatt" Bailey, and have been personally threatening him. Not cool.