Valve Celebrates Mann Co. Birthday & $2 Million in Team Fortress 2 Item Sales With A Mann-sized Update

Illustration for article titled Valve Celebrates Mann Co. Birthday  $2 Million in emTeam Fortress 2/em Item Sales With A Mann-sized Update

Has it already been a full year since Valve launched the Team Fortress 2 Mann Co. Store, the in-game shop in which people trade cold hard cash for hats, weapons and hats? Yes, it has. Valve is therefore celebrating the shop's birthday and $2,000,000 in profits(!) for item creators with a high five-filled update.


Today, the "Manniversary Update" comes to Team Fortress 2, bringing with it a slew of changes: new hats and other non-hat items, load-out presets for your class of choice, a weeklong item "try before you buy" option, decals, slow-mo and shaky cam options for movie making, high five taunts and much much more.


Equally interesting is the launch of the Steam Workshop, "an improved item submission system" which lets item-creators submit, review and rate Team Fortress 2 items. "Rate items highly and you just might see them become available in-game," Valve says. "If your creation is accepted for distribution in-game, you can even earn a percentage of sales." With Steam Workshop, ou could be a percentage-of-a-millionaire!

There's a big old virtual goods sale to go along with the Manniversary Update (it runs until Monday), so if you've been eyeballing that new Engineer hat, now's the time to strike.

Manniversary Update [Team Fortress]

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In one short year, gamers have spent two million dollars on hats and weapons, yet there was such an enormous uproar over Oblivion's horse armor?

I ... I just don't understand people...