Valve Announce Steamcloud, Sounds Great

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Valve have today announced Steamcloud, a new element to their Steam service that will allow the company to store your user data online. What kind of data?


Stuff like saved games. Keyboard configurations. Preferences. That kind of thing. So if you're playing on one PC and move to another (say, you're playing in a cafe, or buy a new PC), you can keep all that stuff. Pretty neat. Also announced were some extra services Valve have in store later down the line, like driver auto-updating, and a means for Steam to check your PC, check that game you want to buy then give you a fairly conclusive answer on whether you'll be able to play it or not. Bless you, Valve. Bless you.

Steamworks & Steamcloud - In Summary [Rock, Paper, Shotgun] [Pic]



Damn you Steam...

If the savegame thing isn't optional (and doesn't leave a copy on my PC,) I'll reinstall and go offline to never update - not that it's likely to listen, it hardly does now. Oh wait, I don't have that freedom - as soon as I install it'll update Steam itself, won't it?

But if they EVER update a driver on my system without asking first, I will go to war with them with whatever I have. (lawyers and hacking tools, not guns...)

Why do people welcome this straightjacket for a little temporary convenience? They control the horizontal. They control the vertical. They get away with more than any other game company ever. And if they ever dissappear - wait, all companies do eventually - there will be more gamers screwed over and harder, than ever before all over the world. This is called "putting all your eggs in one basket."

Ok folks, flame-on. Just don't expect replies to any but the best.