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Sega announced today that, come next year, Valkyria Chronicles owners will be able to dust off their copy of the game and play through some new content.

A brief statement issued by Sega's PR said "Today, Sega announces new downloadable content for Valkyria Chronicles on PS3. 'Challenges from Team Edy' will test your strategy skills in all new missions! The DLC content will be available Winter 2010.".


No word on what it was, nor how much it would cost. Just the date, and the fact. Still, it's new Valkyria Chronicles content, so that's good enough news for now.

Shortest Sega announcement ever [CVG]

UPDATE - Good news, everyone! Sega have clarified that the original press release contained a fairly significant typo, and that the DLC will be out in Winter 2009.

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