Valkyria Chronicles Demo Storms Europe Next Week

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Ah, Valkyria Chronicles, that beautiful, beautiful game. While the CANVAS graphics engine has long held me in it's rippling, sketchy grasp, I've yet to actually get my hands on Sega's upcoming PlayStation 3 exclusive tactical strategy RPG, and my hands do crave it so. Relief could very well be in sight for me, however, as Sega of Europe has announced a demo of the game available on the PlayStation Network next Thursday, October 9th, and where Sega of Europe leads, Sega of America will likely follow. Unfortunately I'll be traveling to BlizzCon and will miss it's sweet release, but the knowledge of it's presence will sooth my soul amidst the murloc-filled mayhem.



Uh... did i bump my head hard, or wasnt there something about this game where also going to be released on the 360?