Vacation: Cuff Links, Readers and A Swamped Pool

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I'm back! Actually, I've been back since Sunday night, but I was so swamped with emails and busy work yesterday that I wasn't able to write up a proper day note. Glad to see that Totilo took to the Tower so well and I was happy to see just how well he was treated by the readers.

My week long vacation was spent on a cruise ship as it made its way from Haiti to Jamaica to Grand Cayman to Mexico. One of the reasons I like to go on vacations like this is because it's harder and more expensive for me to access the internet, so I end up cutting lose from the tubes. The trip was fairly relaxing. Tristan and I spent an inordinate amount of on board time playing in the ship's arcade. I managed to loose a lot of money on Stacker only to see a kid win a Wii a few minutes after my last attempt.

The on board kid's club had a whole day that was Nintendo themed, which basically meant they took a bunch of typical games like tag and such and gave them Nintendo names, like Rescue Princess Peach. L-A-M-E.

At one point during our cruise, while anchored off of Haiti, one of the mammoth ship's lines broke and the boat, the largest cruise ship in the world, started tilting. It tilted so much that the water from the pools rushed out and flooded the nearby decks. At which point I suggested we make our way down to something closer to an exit point. They ended up righting the ship pretty quickly, but never said a word to anyone about it.

Turns out one of our readers was honeymooning on the ship. He emailed me yesterday to say he spotted me hanging out by the pool, reading, I suspect. Kinda hope I had my gut sucked in or at least I wasn't scratching anything when he saw me.

While bad weather and crappy kid club times nixed our hopes of kayaking in Haiti, I did get a chance to wear my Clank cuff links with my tux during a dinner. How geeky is that? Suitably obnoxious pic on the jump.


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Hah, nice photo you've got there.

The cool thing about the cuff links is that almost no one there would ever notice them, yet you know you're sporting some stylish reference to a game.

And, yeah, we should either nominate Crecente to be the next Bond villain, or hold a photoshop contest, official or not.