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Uwe Boll's Latest Game Movie Fodder

Illustration for article titled Uwe Bolls Latest Game Movie Fodder

Uwe Boll,who's not as bad as you think, is making a new video game movie, Zombie Massacre.


Zombie Massacre is a 1998 Amiga title also known as Gloom 4. If you think Gloom sounds like "Doom", that's no accident. It was a Doom clone.


Boll won't be helming the project, but producing. Marco Ristori and Luca Boni, who directed the 2011 zombie flick Eaters, will be handling the directing duties.

The movie's tagline is "There is no hope." Strangely appropriate.

Uwe Boll Produces New Videogame adaptation 'Zombie Massacre' [Bloody-Disgusting]

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Joel Rubin

I actually liked In the Name of the King, and I really liked Postal. I don't doubt they varied greatly from the source, but they were so much better films than his previous work. Nothing, nothing, could be as bad as Alone in the Dark or Bloodrayne.

EDIT: No, wait, there's always Casper van Dien. Dracula 3000 was actually worse than any Boll film. Man, was it terrible.