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Uwe Boll Receives Four Razzie Nominations

Illustration for article titled Uwe Boll Receives Four Razzie Nominations

The Golden Raspberry Awards are the anti-Oscars, celebrating the worst that film has to offer, so it comes as no surprise that our favorite video game movie director Uwe Boll be nominated for four.


According to Larry Carroll of the MTV Movie Blog, Boll appears four times on the 2008 Razzie ballot, with nominations for Worst Director, Worst Career Achievement, and two nominations for Worst Picture. Only one director in the history of film making could have two Worst Picture nominations in one year. That's our Uwe! Both Dungeon Siege and Postal are up for the not coveted award, facing off against the likes of The Happening, Meet Dave, and High School Musical 3.

There are worse movies and movie directors out there, but not this year. No, this is Uwe's time to shine. And should he lose...well, it takes a big man to lose the biggest loser competition.


2008 ‘Razzies’ Nominees Include Indy 4, Paris Hilton And Tom Cruise - How Would You Vote? [MTV Movie Blog - Thanks Jason!]

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There are worse movies out there than High School Musical 3 and The Happening. Seriously. Those are the movies that are just more popular.

Again, movies like Speed Racer, Indiana Jones IV, and X-Files: I Want To Believe were all decent movies.

Ugh... I just can't really give a crap about the Razzies anymore. What a shame.