Yesterday we saw the first footage of the video game based off of Uwe Boll's new film Tunnel Rats 1968, and many of us were less than impressed, but the man himself? Very pleased indeed.

Replay Studios, in Hamburg, developed the game with the Viet Cong engine," he told Eurogamer. (That's the same studio currently working on Velvet Assassin, by the way.) "They based it on my movie, and we delivered our script, screenshots et cetera to them. They also used the same composer. "I controlled the production, and I'm happy with the game," he added.

Then again, Uwe Boll has been pleased with most of his films as well, and judging from the quality of his game adaptations Replay Studios might have just been showing him a couple of their employees playing with action figures. Not sure he'd know the difference. I am just hoping the whole thing is a big joke, culminating in Boll doing a movie adaptation of the game based on his movie which turns out completely different than the original film. Uwe Boll "happy" with his new videogame [Eurogamer]