Using Oculus Rift To Control A Drone. A Real Drone.

How meta. It's designed to let you enter virtual reality, but the Oculus Rift can also be used to control things in the real world. Like drones.


This is the first flight of Oculus FPV, a scheme put together by Intuitive Aerial that lets you use the headset to get a birds-eye view of stuff that's actually there, rather than being made out of polygons.

The drone is carrying a laptop so it can communicate with the headset, but right now the sticking point is range; since it's using wi-fi to communicate, it'll only get to around 50-100m.

If they can fix that, though...who needs video games?

Oculus FPV [Intuitive Aerial, via technabob]



That's very cool!

Though, slightly off topic, what's with every Oculus Rift video showing the double-image feed? I understand that it's to convey what the video in the headset is, but... does that really show us anything? We'll be seeing something very different when our eyes are in the goggles, right? Like trying to convey glasses-less 3D in a video?

It makes me wonder... do people put their faces up to the screen for videos like this? Are we supposed to put our eyes up to the video as though we're wearing the goggles?

Maybe they're just showing off what the display inside the goggles is, but I'm just making sure there isn't another element here. ha.