Using Mario Kart 8's Green Shell Like A Champ

Of all the shells on the Mario Kart spectrum, the green one gets the least love. Probably because it's the hardest to use, compared to the homing missile of the red shell and "The Great Equalizer" that is the blue one. But that just makes a proper snipe with the green bullet all the more impressive.


I came across two Mario Kart TV videos recently that both serve as a masterclass in using the green shell to its full potential. The first, from YouTuber Colin George, shows Donkey Kong throwing two green shells at both of his opponents as they all edge precipitously close to the finish line. It's like a Hail Mary pass, except there's two of them so it's arguably even cooler:

Let's all just sit back and appreciate how helplessly adorable Bowser and Peach both look, floating aimlessly in the air amidst a cloud of gold coins while Donkey Kong races towards the finish line. Classic.

The second one, from PixelPerfect Plays, claims to be the best Mario Kart 8 green shell trickshot ever. I'm not sure I buy that, especially since I just saw Donkey Kong land two direct hits. But whether it's luck or skill, it's an epic finishing move to toss a green shell backwards just as you're crossing the finish line and actually have it land successfully:

In my experience racing in Mario Kart 8, I usually end up tossing green shells behind me whenever I'm in the lead as a defense mechanism of sorts. It always feels great to see my Bowser or Shy Guy do a little flex motion to indicate that I actually hit something. But the real sigh of relief comes whenever I throw a green shell behind me and inadvertently intercept whatever projectile is barreling towards me courtesy of one of my opponents.

In other words: these Mario Kart players showed me that I need to keep practicing to step my green shell game up. It's either that or praying for another bullet. And we all know how I feel about that....

via Reddit

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Not bad, I still don't think it beats my Blue shell escape without any items though.