Users Report PS3 3.0 Firmware Issues With Uncharted, DualShocks

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The newest PlayStation 3 firmware, version 3.00, brought with it a handful of nice changes, including dynamic themes, a sparklier XMB and an unfettered view of the clock. But some PS3 owners are reporting fresh problems.


One alleged issue making the rounds is game related, with some users complaining of "freezing" copies of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, with the game reportedly locking up mid-play and requiring a restart of the system. Those reports don't appear to be widespread, but are popping up at the official forums.

Another issue, again not widespread but making the rounds at Sony's official forums, is with the PlayStation 3's DualShock controller itself. Some customers are reporting that both first and third party gamepads have stopped working, by their estimate as of the most recent firmware update.

While noteworthy, it's not that uncommon for this sort of thing to pop up every time the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 get a system update—and it's not always related to said update. We've received only a handful of tips complaining of problems with Uncharted. And for the record, some of us at Kotaku have DualShock 3s that appear to be working just fine, thank you.

We reached out to Sony to get comment on the matter this morning, but haven't heard back yet about the status of these two items.

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Rachel Fogg

Seeing that I not connected online with my PS3, (yes, I am aware that it's wifi but I haven't fiddled with it enough to care...) they usually bundle newer games with the updates and stuff so, do you think that they'll bundle the update with whatever fixes when like Katamari Forever comes out on the 25?

Or does it usually come with the first party titles? I'm not sure so I'm asking if anyone knows or not? Thanks for the answers if you do have them!