Users Report Firmware 2.42 Causing PS3 Failure

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Reports of hardware failure seem to follow PlayStation 3 firmware updates as regularly as Summer follows Spring, but following the issues with firmware update 2.40 you can't be too careful. Multiple users over at the official PlayStation forums are reporting that their PS3 consoles are no longer reading discs following the 2.42 update last week. Some report that games play for several minutes after the update before the drive stops working, while others say the issue kicks in immediately. At least one forum-goer reported that performing a reset on his system fixed the issue, while others have tried with no luck.


It's pretty hard to get a good idea of just how many people are having the issue, what with the forum topic filled with "me toos" and claims that anyone reporting an issue is simply a troll. For the record, I just updated my system and have had no issues whatsoever. We've contacted Sony for comment on the issue, and will keep you all posted should further developments arise.

Update: We sopke with Sony's Patrick Seybold, who is aware of the forum thread and is checking with their folks to determine if there is a widespread issue.

PS3 Udate 2.42 - System no longer reads my discs [PlayStation Forums]


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@PapaBear434:The update went Live a week ago. Keep in mind that just because you and your friends are fine, does not mean that all 4 million PS3 owners are.

@Azures:None, because you don't need to read the story, or follow the jump to reply. Isn't that a simple fix for the issue that seemingly is causing you troubles?

@GOD:PS3 drives -are- crapping out in some cases, it's been reported. It's just not wide spread, as the first run PS3's didn't find their way to a lot of homes. Is Sony paying you to spin for them?