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Bethesda Softwork's recently released "Game of the Year" edition of post-apocalyptic adventure Fallout 3 may have a little problem. Some owners of the Fallout 3: GOTY say the game won't recognize their hard-earned game saves from the original Fallout 3.

According to reports from Kotaku tipsters affected by the save and posters on Bethsoft's official Fallout 3 forums, the problem appears to be limited to folks in Canada (with one from Sweden) who have the PlayStation 3 version of the re-release. Limited though it may appear to be, the inability to play with characters cultivated over dozens or hundreds of hours in the complete Fallout 3 package is understandably frustrating.


Fortunately, Bethesda Software appears to be investigating the issue.

"Wanted to let you know I've been working with folks here at the office to investigate the issues with GOTY in Canada," assures Bethesda's Sr. Community Manager. "When I have more details to share, I'll let you know. Stay tuned."

So, buyer beware, especially if you're from America's hat and have invested heavily in the original version of Fallout 3. Kotaku readers, who's having similar issues? Who's getting along in the wastelands without issue? Let us know in the comments.

Thanks to Wolfsong, Evan and everyone else for the tips.

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