USC's Song Girls Finally Immortalized in a Video Game

News and notes from around the world of sports video gaming:

Do little jugs get your attention? No? Well, how about the Song Girls of USC, or the Texas Pom Squad. Or a guy from Michigan staring up the crotch of Paul Bunyan. Trophies and university-specific cheerleaders are part of the coat of polish the NCAA Football 13 gang is applying to this year's presentation. Details are teased in that video above.


• Elsewhere in NCAA Football 13, voting ended on Monday for the second position on this year's cover. But EA Sports is waiting to announce the winner on April 16 at the NFL Draft. The final matchup was between Barry Sanders and Herschel Walker. My money's on Walker.

Madden's cover contest marches on, and I'm glad to see that my appraisal of Calvin Johnson borne out in the voting. Megatron took out Arian Foster, probably the second-toughest contender in the entire field. Madden's elite eight are: Cam Newton vs. Larry Fitzgerald; Patrick Willis vs. Victor Cruz; Aaron Rodgers vs. Ray Rice; and Johnson draws Rob Gronkowski.


• Every year, the diehard seamheads in the Operation Sports community go to the trouble of renaming MLB The Show's rosters to include all real minor leaguers in AAA and AA ball. (By contract, Sony cannot do this; a baseball player's likeness is not usable until he makes is Major League debut.) Those rosters are available now, information on getting them is at the link. [Operation Sports]

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I got some SC fans mad not too long ago when I said I thought the Oregon Cheerleaders were hotter than the Song Girls. But I stand by my assessment.

The Song Girls are good stuff though. Tight sweaters FTW