US Importer Offering Yearly Subscriptions To Famitsu

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The source for all things video game related in Japan, Famtisu, can be yours to enjoy on a weekly basis. National Console Support began offering year long subscriptions to the Japanese language mag a few weeks ago in North America, for not outlandish prices. Your cheapest option is a bit over $9 an issue.


The cheapest option will ensure that you get your copy of Famitsu, like, a week or so after it hits Japan's magazine racks. That'll set you back $480, all up front, for 52 issues.

If money is no object, you can sign up for overnight shipping of the mag. That's an impressive $2860 per year for 52 issues. I'm expensing mine, hoping it just flies under the radar of finance. If not, it's been nice working here.


Famitsu Magazine Subscription [NCSX]

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1) can't read Japanese (my speaking is squashy at best)

2) Don't even live in America

3)gonna stick to getting my Famitsu news from Kotaku

But I'm sure there are people who will find this a godsend.