To: Bashcraft
From: Fahey
Re: How Was That First Day Of School?

It's nearly Mother's Day, and my siblings and I have scrounged together enough cash to finally replace my mother's fifteen year-old 30 inch television with a shiny new 42 inch HDTV. For years now I've enjoyed the benefits of having my own flat television set, while my parents have suffered with their slowly-dying Sony. A new television seems like just the thing for a joint Mother-and-Father's Day present, though I have my worries.

My main worry is that my mother just figured out the remote control she got with the original television fifteen years ago, and suddenly we're going to be changing things up on her. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks...though I am pretty sure they also say not to call your mother an old dog.

My other worry is that I can already hear my step-father complaining. "Why is everything stretched?" followed by "Why are there black lines on either side?" with "Now it's stretched again!" added at the end for good measure.

I suppose that 's just the price we have to pay for making sure there's a nice television in my parent's house in case we have to watch the dog when they go out of town. There. Now that I've found a purely selfish angle for the purchase I feel much better.


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