Guitar Hero Van Halen Hits Later This Year

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Guitar Hero Van Halen will hit stores in the second half of the year, Activision confirmed this week.


The game will feature some of Van Halen's greatest hits as well as music from Queen, Weezer, blink-182, The Offspring, Queens of the Stone Age and "many more."

Is Van Halen going to get the same sort of pick-up as Metallica? Maybe if it ships with a net shirt and spandex it will.

BOB, bo-sie, wo-sie, bop diddy bop...



Enough with the Guitar Hero games already. On the front page of Kotaku there is an announcement for this and for Guitar Hero 5. You can't import any of the music from Aerosmith, Metallica or (I am guessing) Van Halen into the main Guitar Hero game so these "stand alone" versions are a waste of money. They'd be MUCH better off releasing these "stand alone" versions as DLC for $20ish dollars. Selling them for $60 at retail is ridiculous.