Upgrade Your Arsenal with These Max Payne 3 Pre-Orders

We've already passed on details about the pre-order loot that early birds in the United States will get with their reservation money, that being early access to the Cemetery multiplayer map. Europe will be getting that same online arena by pre-ordering from the following retailers:

UK: Game
AU: EB Games
DE: GameStop
ES: GameStop
FR: Micromania

What's more, players in select European countries and Australia will be able to more multiplayer goodies for their pre-order buck. With the Silent Killer pack, you can get the chance to wield the powerful Light Anti-Tank Weapon, flee from danger with the Slippery Character Burst to quickly escape a deadly firefight, or use the Listening Device Item that amplifies player hearing so you can hear enemies approaching you from a greater distance. Here's the where and who for that:

UK: Tesco
DE: Amazon
ES: Fnac
BE: GameMania

Americans will be getting all the Silent Killer stuff, too, but Rockstar's not yet revealing who you can pre-order to get it from. However, Yankees who pre-order from Best Buy will get Max Payne 3's first multiplayer DLC pack for free. All Aussies and Europeans ordering in the following places will get the same multiplayer DLC pack gratis, as well:

UK: Play
AU: EB Games
AT: GamesOnly
NL: BartSmit

Here's hoping Max Payne 3's multiplayer is worth all this pre-ordering.

Max Payne 3 Pre-Order Exclusive Bonuses for Europe and Australia [Rockstar Newswire]


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