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Pre-Order Max Payne 3 from GameStop And Get To Visit Payne's Dead Wife and Child

Max Payne is a dark, brooding figure. The torment over the violent deaths of his wife and newborn daughter are what drive him. And now they're a great reason to pre-order a copy of Max Payne 3 from GameStop.

Customers who pre-order Max Payne 3 at a U.S. GameStop store will get early access to the Cemetery Multiplayer Map.

"The final resting place of Max's young wife and daughter, Cemetery represents the tragic past Max cannot forget. With a wintry New York City skyline, sniping positions amongst the monuments, destructible tombstones, circular fighting arenas in a rotunda garden and a looming mausoleum, Cemetery makes a fitting final home for your enemies."


Yes, sniping from behind the tombstones of your dead family.

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