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[Updated] Gold Lancer Removed; Consider Lootathon Over

Illustration for article titled [Updated] Gold Lancer Removed; Consider Lootathon Over

OK, gang. I think the fun is over. Many of you pointed out that the Golden Lancer for Gears of War 2 is now either 99999 points or won't download. I tried to cue it up again and got the can't-download notice. Then the lancer was stripped from my hard drive. But I showed them!!! I put it on a memory unit before logging in!!! Which means if I ever want to play Gears with my ill-gotten gun I'll probably have to do it offline, if that even works. My bad, I think I might have selected "move" rather than "copy." The gold lancer is indeed on both my drive and my memory unit, logged in, with no ill effects. Anyway, the early copy of Banjo, is now 99999 Microsoft points. Ditto anything else we mentioned here. I think we can consider the great Banjo Lootathon over. Everyone take a bow, we helped Microsoft work out some kinks in a new feature. Although, don't expect any thank-you notes, I'm sure. You try to do something nice .... Rest of my original post is on the jump. Anything in strikethru is reprinted only for purposes of the record. Don't consider it operative.=== Alert reader Chris J. just sent this in. Banjo-Kazooie (the original) officially hits Xbox Live Arcade on Wednesday, but it's been available for early download for those who preordered Banjo-Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts. Actually, it's available for everyone. Even though this is only up on the U.S. marketplace, right now "I've successfully downloaded it using a European account and it plays fine," writes Chris. If you want it, just go to this URL, plunk down your 1200 Microsoft points, and hit "download to my Xbox." I assume. I've never bought XBL games off the web before. B-K clocks in at 48 MB. It's 99999 Microsoft points, if you really want it five days early. Chris also points out you can get the Call of Duty: World at War add-on that was free if you pre-ordered it too. That's over here. So if raiding XBLA via the web is a pro tip that n00bs like me and others don't know, don't shoot the messenger, I'm just telling you what's available. And if you want either, run go get it before this all gets "fixed." Looks like it was. The COD piece is also up to 99999 Microsoft points. Anyone want it that bad? === Update #1: Reader invisiblewok went through his download history to see if he could run some URLs and figure out how to get to the freebies via XBLA over the web. He did find the URL for the Gears of War 2 flashback maps pack - but at a cost of 99999 Microsoft Points. HOWEVAH - some of you have pointed out the Left 4 Dead demo has disappeared from XBLA. Oh, really? What I am now hearing is that the PC Demo of Left 4 Dead expired after a week. And while demos can't expire once you get them from Xbox Live, they did take it off of that service. Sorry. Update #2 This is big enough to warrant an update I think. Reader Shawn B. found, in the great Xbox Live Loot Bonanza, that you can in fact get your gold plated Gears of War 2 Lancer, for free, off XBL via the web. In fact. I just did it. Here's the URL. The Gamestop Premium Gears 2 theme also is up and downloadable. Remember, the account holder needs to be 18 years old. None of this works any longer.


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Yeah, I checked the Left4Dead demo I had downloaded via Steam and it had indeed expired. I had noticed that it had a countdown (and had great fun with the demo, but will most likely wait for the price to come down before buying it), and since I have Silver, I couldn't dl it on Live.

Which brought an interesting thing to mind:Silver users, who are forced to wait a week to download demos and freebies (thanks to MS desire to money grab), were pretty much locked out of trying Left4Dead on their 360s, and if they couldn't dl it via Steam or play it on a PC, then Valve may have lost potential customers.

Presumably it was either Valve or the publisher's decision to limit a demo to one week (a stupid move in any case), but shutting out console customers because of said limit and a one week delay was just ludicrous.