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A year and a half ago, the PSP wasn't exactly wowing consumers or third-party publishers. Even John Koller, director of hardware marketing at Sony, might agree, telling MTV Multiplayer that, at the time, PSP gamers "were mostly ports" of their console siblings, resulting in minimal wows. That's going to change, Koller says, as "we're going to see a lot of very large franchise games come from third-parties" starting at the end of this year and into 2009. Consumers are"going to be a bit of a surprise, they're going to be like ‘Wow, that's coming to PSP?'" according to John. The PSP is certainly in a good position in Japan, regularly outselling all other hardware platforms for the better part of this year. We'll have to see if the wows translate to sales over the next 18 months. Sony Plans PSP Comeback In America, Recovering From System's Low Point [MTV Multiplayer]


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