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Upcoming Metal Gear Survive Event Summons Pyramid Head

Illustration for article titled Upcoming iMetal Gear Survive /iEvent Summons Pyramid Head
Image: Konami (MobyGames)

Pyramid Head is the long-running scary sexual terror monster from the Silent Hill franchise. Metal Gear Survive is a zombie game created from the bones of the Metal Gear universe. What better way to unite these two titan franchises than by putting Pyramid Head in Metal Gear Survive?


The Metal Gear Survive developers have announced that an event running from October 23 to November 6, called “The Researcher’s Story (Special Edition),” will have some unique unlocks available for industrious Survive players. The most significant of these is the addition of an item that will allow players to live out their nightmares of plopping Pyramid Head’s...pyramid...onto their head while they’re trucking around playing Metal Gear Survive.

Illustration for article titled Upcoming iMetal Gear Survive /iEvent Summons Pyramid Head
Image: Konami

As those familiar with the Silent Hill franchise know, Pyramid Head is a nightmare creature that is often associated with sexual violence and vicious murder. Stacie Ponder called the monster “pure sexual terror.” It fits right into the world of the Silent Hill games, which is all about delving into the most awful parts of human psychology and then creating creatures out of that sludge. In that context, making Pyramid Head into a hat feels a little bit odd.

The Metal Gear Survive event will also allow players to unlock some cassette tapes of music from the Silent Hill and Castlevania series, which means that you can craft a pretty good spooky tune experience.

You’ll need to have cleared the main story of Survive to participate in this event.

I've played all of the Baldur's Gate games.

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Reading the headline: Oh sick! A Halloween event with Pyramid Head!

Reading the article: Oh...

What could have been if Konami knew how to use it's IP's.