Up for a lengthy, design-oriented review of The Last of Us? Game designer and sometime Kotaku contributor Tim Rogers has got you covered, with a terrific, meaty write-up over at ActionButton.net.


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"I’ve read criticisms of the combat mechanics; I’ve heard the pre-criticisms of friends and acquaintances, who say they hear the game has “stealth” in it. I disagree with this label. After finishing The Last of Us, I started a new game on the hardest difficulty, and spent two slow, fascinating hours sliding without speed through the entire first major set piece in the game — without firing a single shot. It never felt like stealth: it was Strategic Silence."

No, it's stealth, and poorly implemented stealth that frustrated me enough that I've given up on the game for the time being and lent it to a friend whilst I complete a couple of games that are fun to play and not an exercise in frustration.