The above gif progresses as follows: Minecraft 3D art as it’s meant to be viewed, as a 2D-ish render; Minecraft 3D art in-game; Minecraft 3D art in-game, but closer. It’s quite the transformation.

The build, made by Tober888 of the MysticAbsents group, is a riff on Roy Lichtenstein’s famous Pop Art piece, the Drowning Girl. When viewed as a 2D picture, it works great. And when you look at it up close, you can spot all kinds of cool details, like:

how the thought bubble’s background is actually made of glass, which turned opaque in the render,


how much the face relies on distance and perspective to actually look like a face,


(same goes for the hand),

how the build is large enough to have its own little ecosystem of NPCs,


or how a lot of vertical lines are actually made of stacked-up fence posts. Neato.

If you’d like a closer look yourself, you can give the art installation/map a download here.

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