Primal Rage II, a video game cancelled over 20 years ago, was never released. But if you want to enjoy it now, in The Year Of Our Lord 2017, knock yourself out, because there’s a build available and playable via an emulator.


Having resurfaced in an arcade a few years back, a dump of the game—which previously hadn’t worked properly in an emulator—is now available here, and judging by the video below looks...better than you’d expect.

There are some bugs, and obviously some unfinished stuff lying around places like menus, but the characters are animated and the fighting works.

Famous for its stop-motion animation, the original Primal Rage was released in arcades in 1994. This sequel was planned to hit in late 1996, but ended up being cancelled not long after its official unveiling in 1995.

While we’re here, here’s a very cool little documentary on the making of the original’s character models and animation:

(via Chaotic-Strike @ NeoGAF)