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Unreal Engine 4 Continues To Churn Out Cool Apartments

Some of the living spaces created in Unreal Engine 4 are truly spectacular. This latest one is no exception.


This is the work of Blessod, whom Kotaku previously featured. This London loft took three weeks to make.


Here, let’s have a look:

And the walkthrough.

Very nice!

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Kuanhung Chen

The thing about Unreal is that if you have a very powerful rig, things do look amazing. But is that really the ability of the engine?

If you were to take these same scenes and port them to a console spec rig, it wouldn’t look anywhere close to this level. So on one hand, a lot of people use really powerful machine to show how good the engine is, these are quite misleading, most of the engines can look good with enough horsepower in GPU.