Tripwire Interactive today announces Killing Floor, a co-op first-person survival horror shooter for the PC based on an Unreal Tournament 2004 conversion.

A mad scientists specimens have broken loose and gone on a rampage through London, and it's up to you and up to five of your friends to take on hordes of mutant enemies in order to...kill hordes of mutant enemies. Do you really need an excuse? The trick in Killing Floor is directing the flow of the mutant mob, welding shut doors and erecting barricades in order to make sure that when the rampage arrives, its rampaging the way you want it to rampage.


Killing Floor features a solo game mode for offline play, through the real action is likely to be found in the online multiplayer, which supports up to six players. The whole game is fully configurable, allowing players to modify everything from difficulty to creature wave composition. On top of that, the game now features a Persistent Perks system, which allows players to upgrade their character based on their in-game achievements.

Killing Floor is going to be released "in the near future" via Steam. Those interested in learning more are directed towards the game's official website, where a lovely coming soon splash page teases news to come.

On a slightly unrelated note, it turns out Tripwire Interactive is located in Roswell, Georgia, which is a mere stone's throw away from where I live, so if the game ends up horrible, I can throw rocks at them.

Image courtesy of Voodoo Extreme

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