Unravel Dev Shows Us How To Make Our Own Little Yarn Friend

One of the best moments of E3 2015 was watching Coldwood Interactive’s Martin Sahlin take the stage during EA’s presser, nervously gripping the hero of Unravel. Now Sahlin’s released a video showing us how to make our very own Yarny.


Its a simple process, really. All you need is some wire, some yarn, scissors, maybe a paper clip and a heart as sweet and pure as that of a young child. For non-video instructions, hit up the game’s website.

See? Easy! Now all you have to do is name your friend, take him out into the world on wild adventures and uses those as inspiration for your indie adventure game. You’ll be nervously melting the hearts of E3 goers in no time.


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I'm still waiting for EA to ruin this game. I can hardly believe this isn't an indie or Sony title.