Unofficial Super Mario Sequel Out Now

Super Mario Galaxy 2 will be out for Nintendo Wiis in America this weekend, but why wait several days to play a new Mario game? Super Mario Star Scramble 2 is out now, for now.

The new Mario game is a side-scrolling Mario adventure from Dutch developer Kenney Vleugels, a Nintendo fan who has already dared to make one Mario fan-game. He claims the first Star Scramble has played 17 million times. Now we've got a sequel, not licensed by Nintendo.


Vleugels makes non-Mario games, too. But the Mario stuff is the biggest draw to newcomers to his work. Go play Super Mario Star Scramble 2 and let me know how it is. I'm busy with a different Mario sequel.

New: Super Mario Bros. Star Scramble 2 [Kennye.NL, Thanks, Guido! ]

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