Unofficial Skyrim App Gets Legal Note From Bethesda Lawyers

Illustration for article titled Unofficial emSkyrim/em App Gets Legal Note From Bethesda Lawyers

The developer of Dragon Shout, a neat little iPhone app for Skyrim that we've previously covered, has been asked by Bethesda's lawyers to remove the program from the App Store "due to copyright infringement".


Blalock, the creator of the app, says that the request did not come with a cease & desist notice, nor did it explain specifically how it was violating Bethesda's copyright.


"I did my best to ensure the app was not violating anything," he tells TouchArcade. "I looked up US trademarks and copyrights for 'Dragon Shout' and at the time there wasn't any. I had the map hand drawn. I intentionally didn't use any graphics or wording that would possibly be owned by Bethesda. So, I'm still not sure what they say the app violates."

Before you ask, yes, Dragon Shout is free.

'Dragon Shout' Creator Receives Copyright Infringement Notice [Touch Arcade]

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Might as well sue this brilliant man, here: []

Geez, they're so sue-happy. I get protecting your trademark, but this guy went to some pretty good effort to make sure no trademarked content got into his app. So what's the problem?