Ungrateful Toy Fair-goers Already Hawking Exclusive Skylanders on eBay

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Well, this doesn't look tacky or anything. Skylanders has been giving out exclusive Toy Fair figurines to attendees of the show itself and a couple of preview events last week. Said attendees are not civilians, as Toy Fair is a closed, industry event. But, knowing the demand for these suckers, a bunch have been listed on eBay for Buy-it-Now prices in the four-figure range. Those actually getting bids are seeing them in the $150-$200 range. These have already sold, including one for $250.


The Skylanders Giants Chop-Chop, in blue chrome, is the one being handed out at Toy Fair, and it's fair to say there are potentially thousands of these things out there, so if you're Buying-It-Now, you're probably overpaying. A Toy Fair edition of the Skylanders Giants Ninjini was handed out at two events on Tuesday, one of them a press event. Hawking swag should summon a swift tut-tutting from the State Board of Journalistic Practice. Oh that's right, such a thing doesn't exist.

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wow. I tried to get one of the silver spyro figures at E3 this year. didn't know about it until the last day. i spent 45 minutes in line, but they ran out on the person in front of me. they refused to give me one even though they had a bunch still in the booth. oh well. I still made about $500 last year on all the free swag. oddly enough, the best sellers were codes for stuff. lol

EDIT: Why are they ungrateful? Maybe they have no interest in the skylanders toys/game. I get tons of swag at E3 every year, just stuff you pick up as you walk the floor and check out the booths. some I keep cause i'm interested in them, others I sell cause I don't care about it and other people want it. Why is that tacky?