Under No Circumstances Should You Use This Dirty Password on Metroid for Nintendo 3DS

Wait! Before you fire up that 3DS Ambassador copy of NES classic Metroid on your Nintendo 3DS—you know those games are available for download already, right 3DS owners?—do not put in the following password. It'll crash your 3DS!


The password I am referring to, of course, that you should never, ever put into your copy of Metroid for 3DS is:


The NARPAS SWORD password? That's probably fine. As is the famous JUSTIN BAILEY password. But the ENGAGE RIDLEY password, which would normally just make a game of Metroid unplayable beyond its opening screen, will make your Nintendo 3DS completely useless until you power cycle the thing. Exercise caution, when putting in bad language, folks!


Metroid's buggy password on the 3DS was spotted by BrightNeko on GBATemp.net (via NeoGAF), a discovery we're all thankful for.

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