Uncharted's Trophies Numbered, Explained

Want the skinny on all of Uncharted: Drake's Fortune's PlayStation Trophies? All 48 of them? I do. Mostly because I'll be quite comfortable restarting the game in order to secure them, having not yet beat Naughty Dog's PlayStation 3 adventure. Arne Meyer at Naughty Dog spills the beans on all the virtual prizes one can secure in the game, just as soon as that patch arrives. Oh, there aren't details details, more like a high level briefing. Fortunately, it sounds like some of them are related to shooting people in the face, something I excel at in Uncharted. However, we've been hearing rumors that if you can get Nathan Drake's shirt fully tucked in, it unlocks, like, twenty nude codes. We're confirming. Uncharted Trophies Q&A [IGN]


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