Perhaps Nathan Drake should have written all his notes on his shoes. Surely, they'd be harder for nefarious baddies to steal repeatedly than journals are?

Or the maps on the toes could have proved useful as well, guiding him around various jungles and deserts.

Alas, for Drake himself the best purpose for these custom Nikes would probably be to lace them tightly and keep running for his life, away from seemingly endless waves of heavily armed henchmen. Those of us who aren't raiding ruins for lost treasures, though, can take our time to admire the handiwork. Portraits and hints from Nate's Uncharted 3 journals are painstakingly recreated on every panel of these custom Nikes by KyozoKicks, who, in years past, has also brought us Minecraft and Grim Fandango sneakers, among others.

Custom Uncharted : Drake's Deception Nike Dunks by KyozoKicks [KyozoKicks, via tipster Nick]