Uncharted: The Movie: The Curse of the Film Nobody Wants to Direct

Illustration for article titled emUncharted: The Movie/em: The Curse of the Film Nobody Wants to Direct

Once upon a time, David O'Russell (Three Kings) was down to direct the Uncharted movie. Then he was off. Then back on. Then off, with Neil Burger taking over.

Now Burger is gone. And writing pair Marianne and Cormac Wibberley are reworking the script. The film's producer, Avi Arad, will wait until they're done to appoint the project's third director.


Before you get too excited/puzzled by this, and go thinking there's something wrong with Uncharted or Arad, remember: this is how Hollywood works. It's how movies get made, or not made. Even the video game ones.

Wibberley duo to rewrite 'Drake's Fortune' for Sony [Variety]

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Will never be made, and if it does get made it will be a disaster. In fact, video games are not meant for film, even if the story is good. That won't stop Hollywood though, even if the project goes through hell.