Uncharted PS3 Bundle: The Box Art

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Hear that chime? It's the box art clock. And it just struck box art o'clock. On offer today is the art for the Uncharted PS3 bundle, which will see one of the console's finest titles stuffed in with a 160GB PS3, a DualShock 3 and a voucher for PSN title PAIN. It'll be out next month, will cost you $500, and if you like fun and think you'll be downloading movies on the PS3, there are plenty worse ways to be introduced to the console.


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I feel like this bundle is certainly aimed at a specific type of person, the downloading machine. 160gb just seems like an absurd amount of memory for the normal gamer. They really should have bundled LBP. I am looking to get a ps3 asap, and my only real concern is how much memory the pre-game installs will take up. I don't plan on downloading any movies, do the pre-game installs take up a ton of memory? I'd imagine I would be fine with an 80gb model, even if I play a ton of games, yar?