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Uncharted Gets Roller Coaster Based On Movie Based On Game

The new dark-ride roller coaster will be available in Spain’s largest theme park in mid-2023

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Nathan Drake rides a roller coaster with other people.
Image: Sony / Naughty Dog / ChameleonsEye (Shutterstock)

The Uncharted movie wasn’t great, but it did make a lot of money, so someone has decided to turn it into a roller coaster. But, as I likely don’t need to point out to you, Uncharted was a film adaptation of the Uncharted games. That leads us to now, where you are reading a story about a roller coaster based on a movie adaptation of a video game franchise.

Uncharted (the movie) was released back in February of this year and made about $400 million domestically. Based on how nobody I know has talked about it at all since April, it seems to have vanished into the ether alongside many other “bleh” blockbusters of this decade. I actually had to look it up to make sure Uncharted (the feature film) was released this year. If you had told me before writing these words that Uncharted (the Hollywood flick) came out three years ago, I’d have nodded along and wondered when you were going to stop talking about Uncharted (the motion picture). But hey, people like the games, and the film made money so…sure, why not? Let’s turn it into a roller coaster!


As reported by Variety yesterday, the Uncharted roller coaster (not the film) will open in mid-2023 in Spain’s largest theme park, PortAventura World. The park just secured a licensing agreement with Sony Pictures to build the upcoming “dark ride” roller coaster, and it will be located in the park’s “Far West Zone.” The ride will be nearly 2,300 feet long and over 40 feet high. The entire thing will be located inside a large interior space that’s about 15,800 square feet.


“The team at PortAventura World has designed a thrilling ride so that fans of the game and film can now step into Nate and Sully’s shoes and go on their own white-knuckle, treasure-hunting race,” said Jeffrey Godsick, exec VP of global partnerships at Sony Pictures Entertainment.

Who knows, maybe this ride will be so popular and successful Sony will work with some game company to develop a video game based on the roller coaster that is based on the movie that was an adaption of the Uncharted video game series. What would that movie even be? No idea, but it would probably clear 250 million at the box office in a few weekends.