Uncharted Developers Working On Killzone 3

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Naughty Dog, the studio responsible for the Uncharted series, doesn't just do Nathan Drake and sexy ladies. Some of its staff are also lending a helping hand on upcoming shooter Killzone 3.

Members of Naughty Dog - reportedly from Sony's ICE Team, a crack squad of expert code wranglers - have been helping Killzone devs Guerilla Games with the game's "graphics engine". Strange, you may think, since Killzone 2 looked amazing. But then, Killzone 2 was set mostly amidst ruined buildings and ruined streets. The third game has a ton of snow in it, and since Uncharted 2's snow was so great (and, more likely, because it ran so damn smoothly), maybe that's what Naughty Dog is assisting with.


That or the Helghast are all going to be sporting half-tucked uniforms.

Naughty Dog working on Killzone 3 - report [CVG]

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I would have thought that the ywo studios are collaborating on 3D tech, making sure that they can run high quality graphics in 3D.

This probably indicates that Uncharted 3 may also be in 3D... or am I reading too much into this?