First Killzone 3 Screens, Official Details

Killzone 3 is coming to the PlayStation 3 in dazzling 3D, an exciting revelation made doubly official by Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and a trio of new screens that show off the game's frosty jetpack-filled action.


That icy arctic fun won't be the only environment Killzone 3 players find themselves in, as the official confirmation promises that we'll "trudge through toxic nuclear wastelands, get lost in a lethal alien jungle, fight in bitter arctic conditions and take the battle into space."

Sony's pitching Guerrilla Games' next PS3 game as a David versus Goliath battle, with the caveat "if Goliath had thousands of troops and a thermonuclear arsenal." Imagine the following shots of Killzone 3 in stereoscopic 3D as you wait and wait for the next chapter.


Killzone 3 Announced And Playable In 3D []

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