Uncharted Craftsman Seeks More Help in Battle Against Cancer

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David Vigil, a master leathersmith, is well known for his replicas of props appearing in the Uncharted series (and other games made by Naughty Dog.) The 25-year-old craftsman is also fighting stage 2 pancreatic cancer, and trying to raise money to pay for his treatment.


Vigil's second fund raiser (he held one last year) is in a bad spot right now. With a day to go he is well short of a $47,000 goal—having raised about $9,000. That said, reaching the goal is not required for Vigil to collect whatever has been donated so far.

He's turned to crowdsourced fundraising because he lacks the insurance that would cover his treatment. A campaign last year raised $26,464 for him.


Why a second round? What was stomach cancer last year has spread to his pancreas this year. It's stage two. "The severity of his cancer has made obtaining the funds in the time he needs seem impossible," writes a supporter on his fundraiser site.

In addition to crafting Nathan Drake's holster from Uncharted, Vigil also made Joel and Ellie's backpack from The Last of Us. Both are for sale (at a premium.) The stuff he makes can be seen here; it's not branded with the games' name for obvious issues of licensing, but the items should be instantly recognizable. Of course, buying anything off of that would help him out, too.

The Fight Begins! Help one of our own! [GoFundMe.com]

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50k for treatments?! How anyone can look at numbers and situations like this and not see that the health care system is in a dire need of reform? It truly baffles me.

I hope he pulls through. Cancer is such a horrific thing to have to endure in this time and age when we should have all the technology available to treat it.