Uncharted, BioShock Stars Punch Their Way Into Sony's PlayStation Fighter

Illustration for article titled emUncharted, BioShock/em Stars Punch Their Way Into Sonys PlayStation Fighter

I'm loathe to wander down this path again, after the horror that was Nintendo's marketing push for the last Smash Bros., but these characters are probably important enough to warrant the update: Nathan Drake and BioShock's Big Daddy will be making an appearance in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.


While their reveal was surely meant to be as part of some grandiose E3 presentation, the pair showed up on a character voting poll on the game's site over the weekend, spilling the beans a little early.

The Big Daddy will presumably come with two attacks: drill, and stomp. Drake, meanwhile, will be a little more diverse, able to take down opponents with a swoon, tuck, half-tuck or the dreaded double tuck.


Big Daddy and Nathan Drake revealed for PlayStation All Stars [NeoGAF]

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It kindof speaks to the lack of 'all stars' that sony is so quickly being forced to use characters that not only aren't playstation specific, but appeared on every platform BUT theirs first.