Uncharted 2 Writer Pens Graphic Novel

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Neil Druckmann, the Naughty Dog lead designer who co-wrote the story for both Uncharted games, as well as the motion comic Uncharted: Eye of Indra, has written a graphic novel for release in February.

Druckmann's novel is called "A Second Chance at Sarah," and it chronicles a man's journey back in time to stop his wife from selling her soul, and to save her life in the future. Its lead character, Johnny, must sell his own for the chance to save his love. "Instantly, he's a teenager again, a child of the 90s, and now he must relive a day from his youth." That day is his only opportunity to save Sarah, but as he learns her secret past, he begins wondering if he can, or even should.

Acclaimed digital artist Joysuke Wong supplies the art for this graphic novel, published by Ape Entertainment. It's already getting a positive reception, from sites such as Ain't It Cool News and IndyComicReview.com.


The book is 94 pages and will sell for $12.95. You may see a preview of it at the link.

A Second Chance at Sarah [Ape Entertainment]

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Read the preview pages. The dialogue is kinda wonky, which is weird because I thought the Uncharted dialogue was good. The artwork and high concept are really great, though!