Uncharted 2 Wins Writers Guild Of America Award

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Five games were nominated by the Writers Guild of America for the award of "Best Video Game Writing". Only one could win. And no, it wasn't Modern Warfare 2.


Even though Activision's shooter was nominated (perhaps based on the quantity rather than quality of the game's writing), along with Assassin's Creed II...X-Men Origins and...Wet, the winner was of course Uncharted 2, and specifically, writer Amy Hennig.

We say "of course" because it just wouldn't be an end-of-year awards ceremony without Naughty Dog's title walking away with all the major honours.



I know lots of people love Uncharted 2, so I try to keep my mouth shut and just assume I'm a freak occurence when I think it's just a really average game...

But nominated for a writing award? Beating AC2? It feels like the whole world is in on some joke being played against me.