Uncharted 2 Screens Leaked, Also Very Pretty

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If last night's video taste of Uncharted 2: Among Thieves just wasn't enough to sate your appetite for Nathan Drake and half-tucked henleys, newly (and prematurely?) released screens of the PlayStation 3 game should satisfy.


Twenty brand spanking new shots and pieces of concept art from Dutch gaming site XGN show off how much more varied the sequel to Uncharted: Drake's Fortune will eventually look and that, yes, Nathan Drake will get a sensible jacket to wear during the game's chillier moments.


Uncharted 2: Among Thieves [XGN via NeoGAF]

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When I saw the trailer, I was extremely happy to know that Drake still had his personality. I thought it was the best thing from the first game — a main character who is not a Duke Nukem replica but more like a Bruce Willis/Harrison Ford hybrid bursting with personality. The ability to portray such balanced, tongue-in-cheek wit is not common in videogames.