Unboxing the Mother Lode of Old PC Games

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If you think unboxing new games is fun, wait until you see how awesome it is when a guy finds a box of old PC games and spends seven minutes taking them out of a single, larger cardboard box


Space Quest. Man Hunter. Police Quest. Gold Rush. I can smell the musty manual paper through the internet....and it's glorious.

Unboxing IBM PCjr Games [Retroist]

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laser beams

"SNOOPER TROOPS" OMG- I had that game. That "Spinnaker" box. That everything. I haven't thought about it at least 20 years.

A couple other gems in there that I owned as a kid, too- but the "King's Quest" and "Police Quest" games (and even "A Mind Forever Voyaging" by some) are widely remembered as classics already. I'm pretty sure I had touchdown football, too.

Sadly, I don't know what happened to all my ancient PC games. In my retro game cubby I only managed to stash away a single game (in it's original box, of course), and that game is the strange Adventure/RPG "Kobyashi Naru". I have no idea why that's the one I held on to- but it probably has something to do with it's awesome box art :)