Unboxing a...1986 Sega Master System

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Who gives a shit about unboxing modern games hardware. We all do it when we buy the thing, they come with basically nothing, and the documentation is woeful.

Let's enjoy, then, this unboxing of a 1986 Sega Master System bundle. Marvel at the included accessories. Gape in awe at the pack-in games.

I actually never got to experience this, because my Master System experience was a strange one. Slightly strapped for cash as young-uns, my parents could never afford a games console, so the only time we got to play with a Master System was when we rented one from a video game store. Meaning my unboxings came in the form of taking a filthy Master System out of a weird plastic briefcase once every few months for a weekend then saying goodbye two days later, Alex Kidd still unfinished.


Unboxing: 1986 Sega Master System [YouTube, via Retroist]

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how many of these have i owned and why didnt i know about the sega cards!?!?! lol