Um, Where the Hell Is Last Guardian?

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There was one glaring omission today. There was one glaring omission last fall at the Tokyo Game Show. It was the same glaring omission.


It was The Last Guardian.

Kotaku saw the game in spring 2011, and it appeared to be progressing well. Appearances can be deceiving.

First revealed in 2009, development for the eagerly awaited game has been a mess—subjected to delays and even the game's creator leaving Sony (but staying on as a freelancer, so yay?).

Last December, there were even retail reports that the game was canned—something Sony denied.


Sony told Kotaku earlier this year that the game "absolutely" still existed and said that making the game was difficult. Sony later confirmed that it was bringing in developers from other Sony studios to help finish the game.


Yet, with what seems to be another no show, finished is the last thing this game seems to be. Maybe it's on the show floor, but it certainly wasn't at the Sony conference—no trailer, no news, no nothin'. E3 isn't over, and maybe Sony can pull a rabbit bird-dog out of a hat?


If not, see you at the Tokyo Game Show, Last Guardian? Maybe?

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